Step By Step Instructions On How You Do The Goole Places Optimization

1. Claim your listing

In some cases, you may find your listing on the Google places, although you have not created a page there yet. If you find your listing, you need to claim that listing and edit some information from the listing. This is very important to let Google know that you own the particular business. There is an effective way to know if Google has already created a Place listing for you. You can simply search your company name on Google. If you can’t find a listing of your company, you need to proceed to the next step.

2. Create your own listing

When you can’t find a listing of your company on Google, you need to create one. You can create your own listing by using your Gmail account that is connected to your business. You can add all necessary information about your business, such as phone number, location, address, description, and many other information on Google Maps. When Google already has the information about your company, you will see a map showing all information about your company. If that is not the case, you can still create a new one by adding information about your company. Adding accurate information is very important in the Google Places optimization process.

3. Verify your listing

After creating your own Places listing, you need to verify it. Google Places SEO always requires that you verify and make sure that you own your business. They usually do this by sending you a message to your registered phone number or a postcard to your mailing address that you have provided. This message usually has the PIN number on it. You need to verify your account by applying the PIN number on your Google Places account. After verifying your account, you can simply process to the next step which is the Google Places optimization process.

4. Google Places SEO optimization

Now it is time for you to optimize your listing. You can start doing keyword research It means that you need to find the right keywords for promoting your products or services. Think about some keywords that your customers might type on Google when they look for your products or services. Google has a powerful keyword research tool that you can use to get some keywords for your products or services. Make sure that you put all your chosen keywords on your Google Places account.

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